Rob Gronkowski set to serve as grand marshal for virtual NASCAR race

Gronk is coming to iRacing.

Rob Gronkowski and WWE star Mojo Rawley are set to serve as the grand marshals for the NASCAR virtual racing event on Sunday. Gronkowski, the retired Patriots tight end, is also scheduled to host WrestleMania. WrestleMania, WWE’s signature event, is held over two days on Saturday and Sunday this year for the first time in history.

Rawley and Gronkowski, also a Fox Sports analyst, are longtime friends and the two will start Sunday’s iRacing event on the virtual Bristol Motor Speedway track. The race is set for 1 p.m. and scheduled to air on Fox and FS1.

The iRacing events have been a hit with NASCAR on hiatus in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The virtual racing event last weekend drew 1.339 million viewers for coverage simulcast on Fox and FS1.

Gronkowski jumped over the barricade and helped Rawley win the Andre the Giant battle royal at WrestleMania in 2017.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso verdict dropped by former F1 team-mate Jenson Button | F1 | Sport

Vettel won four World Drivers’ Championships with Red Bull during Button’s time in F1, while Verstappen burst onto the scene during the 2009 champion’s final years in the sport.

Button also paid tribute to former McLaren driver and two-time champion Mika Hakkinen, whose battle with Ferrari legend Schumacher was the talk of the 1990s and early 2000s.

“The other two are from my early days in F1,” Button said. “Mika Hakkinen. I actually watched the Spa race [in] 2000 where he did Michael. When they both [Hakkinen and Ricardo Zonta], went either side of him. So Mika and obviously the great Michael Schumacher.”

Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen, meanwhile, will be hoping to get back on track with Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull respectively as soon as possible.

The start of the 2020 F1 season has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the opening race now pencilled in to be the Canadian Grand Prix on June 14.

Codemasters Announce Good News for F1 2020 Game

The 2020 Formula One season is yet to get underway, what with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world. In an unprecedented situation, the official F1 video game may progress faster than the 2020 F1 season. Furthermore, the game will feature all 22 tracks, unlike the real F1 season.

2020 marketed itself as a record-breaking season, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive disruption to the calendar. F1 got hit hard with the cancellation/postponement of the opening eight races. Sadly for fans, there is no chance of witnessing the Australian and Monaco grands prix live. However, gamers have a chance to race on both circuits despite their absence from the real schedule.

“We’re still going to go with all 22 circuits which were originally part of the calendar,” Codemasters F1 franchise director Paul Jeal told RaceFans in an exclusive interview.

Furthermore, gamers have the opportunity to experience the Hanoi and Zandvoort circuits before the F1 drivers. So, the only way that drivers can learn the circuit is through the game.

The British-based game developers were preparing to announce the first details of F1 2020 when the country went into lockdown due to the pandemic, forcing its staff to work from home.

“The most prudent thing to do is obviously just to see whether the impact of this is going to do anything,” said Jeal. “Some of the teams, for example, [are] going on their shutdown period now rather than what they would have done in August. It’s just a few little bits of that which you’ve got to factor into your planning, which wasn’t there originally. Hopefully it’s not too much longer before we before we make the announcement.”

What did the last F1 game offer fans?

F1 2019 was a bit of a game-changer when it dropped last year. Aside from the usual elements like post-race interviews and personality-based questions, Codemasters put in a bit more effort. The developers incorporated the FIA Formula 2 season into the game and even added a mini-story mode.

Over here, the player starts off in F1 alongside two NPCs, teammate Lukas Weber and rival Devon Butler. All three characters interact and try to influence the character’s personality. Furthermore, Codemasters raised the stakes when F1 2019 offered in-season transfers. Here, the F1 driver avatars can swap teams if they wanted.

So, if you wanted to see Lewis Hamilton in any other car than Mercedes, here’s your chance. Even something far-fetched like Max Verstappen partnering Sebastian Vettel at McLaren, or Nico Hulkenberg partnering Kimi Raikkonen at Red Bull, nothing is far out there.

ESPN’s Barry Melrose talks state of NHL – ESPN 98.1 FM

Coronavirus has left the sports world in a state of chaos. Leagues around the world suspended play, leaving sports fans wondering when they will see their beloved sports return.

Many sports were brought to a halt in the middle of the regular season, one of them being the National Hockey League. With 189 games left in the season before play was suspended, the future of NHL play is unknown.

World of uncertainty

ESPN’s Barry Melrose joined Steve Russell on SportScene Tuesday to talk about the state of the league. As connected as he is, Melrose is just as much in the dark as anyone else.

“I’m just like everybody else,” Melrose said. “I’m waiting to see what’s going on, when it goes on, if it goes on and how it goes on.”

Have the players union and the owners spoke yet about what would happen when and if the season resumes?


“I’m sure they have. These people have been through work stoppages before. They know what the song and dance is. I bet you they’ve got a war room set up somewhere and they’ve been going over all the scenarios. If it starts in a month, if it starts in two months. When is the last day it can start? Can we have a full regular season? Do we have no regular season? I’ve bet you they’ve kicked every conceivable idea around. They’re smart guys. They’ve been through it before. I can’t see either one of these organizations becoming stupid all of the sudden and doing something crazy.”

If there was only a partial season and you were the commissioner, how would you construct that?


“There’s about 10-12 games left in the regular season, which is basically a month of hockey. Now, the NHL has to decide if it’s paramount that we have the full regular season. Do we just have the 16 teams that are in the playoffs now and say sorry to the ones that just missed it? Do we have play-in games? Maybe there are three or four teams that are so close, for example the New York Rangers. Do we have a series of play-in games, where it’s best of one and that winning team goes in to the playoffs? Do we start the first series best of three? Best of five? There are a number of things they could do.

All of these things have been tried by the NHL because of things like work stoppages. We’ve had a situation where we didn’t play a full slate of regular season games. It’s crazy, the NHL and it’s unbelievable history has been through an epidemic like this where the Stanley Cup wasn’t awarded. The only year where the Stanley Cup wasn’t awarded was in 1919-20 when the Spanish Flu came through and killed millions of people. The NHL wasn’t finished that year.”

What could have been

On March 12, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the NHL would pause the 2019-20 regular season due to the concerns over the coronavirus. The regular season of the NHL was scheduled to end April 4, with the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting the week of April 6.

Georgia’s search for new QB on hold with no spring practice

Georgia coach Kirby Smart says the cancellation of spring football across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic hurts quarterbacks more than any position.

For Smart’s Bulldogs, the timing is especially bad.

Georgia is looking for a new quarterback while planning to install a new offense led by first-year coordinator and quarterbacks coach Todd Monken.

Spring football was expected to be the time when Wake Forest transfer Jamie Newman would join D’wan Mathis, Stetson Bennett and others in the competition to replace Jake Fromm, who bypassed his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Instead, that competition is on hold. There is no practice while coaches and players observe social distancing rules.

“It’s going to affect the quarterbacks more than any position, in my opinion,” Smart said Tuesday. “There’s no substitute for reps out in the field. We can’t argue that we’re not going to lose reps. We’re losing reps.”

Smart and some of his staff members have had ample time to practice social distancing. They had to remain at their homes for a two-week, self-quarantine period following a trip to Costa Rica “and multiple places down that way.” Now all Georgians – and people around the country – face stay-at-home orders.

“We’re trying to get used to a new normal, at least a new normal for right now,” Smart said. “It’s an adjustment for everybody out there and certainly an adjustment for my family as it is for many others.”

Smart had his staff prepare for weekly two-hour video online coaching sessions with players that began on Monday following the go-ahead from the Southeastern Conference. He said there is no way to make up for the on-field sessions normally held each spring.

The good news for the quarterbacks is informal practices were held in preparation of spring practice before classrooms at the University of Georgia were closed. As is normally the case each year, the quarterbacks spent time on their own throwing to receivers.

“We were able to have walk-throughs leading up to spring practice,” Smart said. “We maximized that time and knew that we needed that time, not knowing that we wouldn’t have spring, just knowing we had new quarterbacks and really a new offensive system. We had to make sure we spent time with that. So we spent a lot of time on that.”

Since there is no formal spring practice, those informal sessions become more important.

“I feel like he was starting to get some rhythm,” said Smart of Newman. “He got to throw a lot with those guys in their own time that they elected and did a good job, he and Stetson and Carson (Beck) and D’wan. … That’s no substitute for what they would have gotten in spring ball.”

Newman was viewed as one of the nation’s top quarterback transfers. He announced his decision to play his final season at Georgia only three days after Fromm entered the NFL draft.

Newman is viewed by many as the favorite to win the starting job. With no spring practice, however, his experience advantage as the 2019 starter for Wake Forest could be neutralized by his rivals having more time at Georgia.

Newman completed 60.9% of his passes for 2,868 yards, with 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions for Wake Forest last season. He also rushed for 574 yards and six TDs for a Wake Forest team that finished 8-5.

Mathis enrolled at Georgia last year before severe headaches and sinus pressure led to him undergoing surgery in May to remove a cyst from his brain. Bennett is a former walk-on who played behind Fromm.

Georgia’s offense also must replace running back D’Andre Swift and compensate for heavy losses on its offensive line. Three starters – left tackle Andrew Thomas, right tackle Isaiah Wilson and guard Solomon Kindley – left school early to enter the NFL draft. Also, versatile lineman Cade Mays transferred to Tennessee.

Monken, who was offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns in 2019, faces many challenges when Georgia finally returns to the practice fields. New starters must be found at quarterback, running back and on the line.

“We’re going to get all that done when we get the opportunity,” Smart said. “No one knows when that is.”

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NFL Free Agency 2020: Live updates, latest rumors, signings and trades for Week 3 of free agency

We’ve made it to Week 3 of NFL free agency, and there are still some big names left to be signed. The question is, where will they lan d? The No. 1 free agent in our top 10 remains defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, who could give a team a big boost on the defensive side, while on offense there is an unsigned quarterback who’s a former MVP, and another who threw for the most yards in the NFL last season.

Cam Newton and Jameis Winston are available, but who will sign them? The Patriots, perhaps? What about the Jaguars? The Chargers could use a quarterback also. 

We don’t know what may be in store on Tuesday, so settle in, everyone. NFL free agency is still going strong with some really good names still looking for a home. Stay informed with our up-to-the-minute live blog below. And keep up with our list of the top 10 remaining players on the market here

Axiom Precision AR4 Pro+ 4-Axis

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What do we like? 

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What do we not like? 

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· Newer versions are available with better features.

Where does Jon Jones’ arrest leave him? Is UFC 249 dead?

Welcome to “Spinning Back Clique,” MMA Junkie’s weekly show that takes a spin through the biggest topics in mixed martial arts. In this week’s episode, “Gorgeous” George and “Goze” unpack potential fallout from Jon Jones’ latest run-in with the law, what the hell is going on with UFC, and more.


By now you probably have heard that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested last week on charges of aggravated DWI, negligent use of a gun, and more after police responded to hearing a gun shot in downtown Albuquerque only to find an intoxicated Jones in his car with a loaded gun, according to the police report. We’ve been down this road with Jones so many times before. Quite simply, where does the UFC light heavyweight champion go from here?
Suppose Jones gets stripped for the title (it’s happened twice before), or he decides to pull away from the sport so he can get things in order. Then what? You’ve got guys like Dominick Reyes, Jan Blachowicz, and Thiago Santos all staking a claim to the next title shot. What would be the fights to make if Jones parted ways with the title?
UFC president Dana White continues to be determined to make UFC 249 happen April 18, even with no location set as of this post, but the latest major wrench is that lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is supposed to finally fight Tony Ferguson after four failed attempts, could be stuck in Russia because of a coronavirus travel ban, prompting the promotion to possibly move on without him. WHAT!? So now the UFC is scrambling to find options for Tony Ferguson, with Justin Gaethje and maybe even Dustin Poirier among them. You’ve also got welterweight champ Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal beefing and talking about stepping in as a last-minute headliner. All of this is nuts. What is even going on anymore?
With all the talk of MMA promotion’s canceling events left and right amid the global coronavirus pandemic, Submission Underground 12 took place this past Saturday with extreme measures in place. Could MMA take a page out of the grappling promotion to keep events moving along?
Speaking of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the biggest positive we’ve taken so far from these unprecedented circumstances in our lives?

For answers to all of those questions, watch Episode 22 of “Spinning Back Clique” above.