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Martin Carefoot, a 70-year-old farmer, is claiming that he was offered £25,000 to provide false testimony in order to back up an excuse for Tyson Fury testing positive for the banned substance nandrolone.


The farmer claims to have never received the £25,000 and isn’t happy right now. Carefoot’s written statements suggested that Fury’s positive test was due to Carefoot providing uncastrated wild boar meat for the “Gypsy King.” Fury tested positive for nandrolone in February of 2015, but UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) failed to mention the adverse finding until June of 2016.


At the time, Fury was slated to face Wladimir Klitschko on July 9, 2016. UKAD suspended Fury, but the suspension wasn’t revealed until later in the year. Interestingly, Fury’s team postponed the Klitschko rematch due to an ankle injury immediately before UKAD was about to make this declaration.


The rematch was rescheduled for October, but Fury failed to provide a drug test sample in September. Afterward, his team waved off the fight, claiming Fury was “medically unfit” to compete. On top of that, he then tested positive for cocaine. The only thing that seemed clear was that Fury wasn’t going to enter the ring again for a very long time. He went on to have a lengthy and expensive litigation battle against UKAD.


At the end of it all, Fury received a retroactive 2-year ban that allowed him to resume his boxing career in December, 2017.

So, Mr. Carefoot is speaking to the press at a very interesting and opportune time. Since the UKAD hearings and Carefoot’s helpful testimony, Fury has made tens of millions of dollars and achieved the biggest victory of his career by knocking out and upsetting former WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder.


Fury claims to have never met Carefoot and says that the story is completely false. Despite the hoopla, Carefoot’s recent pleadings hold no implications regarding Fury’s future.

“The Gypsy King” will be just fine. It’s also not a great look for a witness to admit perjury. Carefoot’s planned path towards retribution will not work. The 70-year-old farmer has waited about 5 years to leak this story to the media. Fury’s past actions are absolutely irrelevant with respect to him justly beating Wilder and earning the WBC heavyweight title.


Nothing of legal consequence will come about from Carefoot’s tale.


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